D&D is a role-playing game. Using just paper, dice, and figurines, players create and inhabit the minds of their characters while exploring an intricate world created by the Dungeon Master ( the game’s architect), who is responsible for guiding the characters through a challenging, but fun journey. Very little of the actual game happens on the tabletop, but rather in each player’s imagination.


Player Profiles

  • Lucie_form

    Lucie Mugnier (“Moon-yay”)

    “It’s not that D&D isn’t as nerdy as it is perceived to be, it totally is, it’s that the players are not.”

  • Dan_form2

    Dan Donato

    "Everyone has their own thing. people who like sports are just as nerdy as people who like to kill dragons. It’s just a different thing to nerd out about."

  • Karen_form

    Karen Green

    “My characters seem to have more clever things to say than I do, when I’m playing I can say those things out loud, more often.”

  • Zach1_form

    Zach Nash

    “It’s not dweeby kids dressing up as wizards and throwing stuff around (that’s LARPing). I’ve never done that - but I know people who have and I’m sure that it is a huge amount of fun.”