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Percentage, Total Votes, % of Precincts Reporting

Alaska32.6%, 4,225, 100%29%, 3,762, 100%14.2%, 1,834, 100%24%, 3,105, 100%
Georgia26%, 233,177, 99%20%, 176,159, 99%47%, 424,918, 99%7%, 58,968, 99%
Idaho62%, 27,514, 89%18%, 8,115, 89%2%, 940, 89%18%, 8,086, 89%
Massachusetts72%, 265,100, 99%12%, 44,255, 99%5%, 16,990, 99%10%, 35,037, 99%
North Dakota25%, 1,935, 7840%, 3,074, 788%, 641, 7827%, 2,101, 78
Ohio38%, 455,967, 97%37%, 443,598, 97%15%, 175,345, 97%9%, 111,119, 97%
Oklahoma28%, 80,291, 99%34%, 96,759, 99%27%, 78,686, 99%10%, 27,572, 99%
Tennessee28%, 153,893, 96%37%, 204,978, 96%24%, 132,146, 96%9%, 49,782, 96%
Vermont40%, 23,623, 99%24%, 14,071, 99%8%, 4,874, 99%25%, 15,094, 99%
Virginia60%, 158,053, 99%Not on ballotNot on ballot40%, 107,480, 99%

Mitt Romney won six of the 10 states contested on Super Tuesday, 2012: Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts, Ohio, Vermont and Virginia. Rick Santorum took North Dakota, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Newt Gingrich won his home state of Georgia and Ron Paul failed to win a single state. Romney now has 415 delegates, Santorum, 176, Gingrich, 105 and Paul, 47.



By Christina Janansky and Nick Koop
Boston University News Service

Massachusetts voters expressed a variety of opinions regarding Mitt Romney’s viability as a presidential candidate during Tuesday’s primary election, but that didn’t stop him from claiming 72 percent of the vote.

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Supporters of former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney watch a video about the candidate while waiting for him to give his victory speech at his headquarters at the Westin at Copley Plaza on Super Tuesday. (Ryan Hutton/Boston University News Service)

By Lauren Dezenski
BU News Service

Massachusetts voters today said they had mixed views on the potential for a brokered Republican Party convention, with some seeing the possibility of a dark-horse candidate arising from party in-fighting and others calling it out of the question.

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By Briana Seftel and Megan Ilnitzki
BU News Service

Candidates’ religious beliefs are a hot topic in the Republican presidential race but did not play a big role in how they voted today, some Boston-area voters said.

Throughout the race, Republican candidates Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum have been open about their religious beliefs. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, whose Mormon religion at times has become campaign fodder, has tried to downplay religion.

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A voter casts his ballot in the Super Tuesday primary election at Arlington Town Hall. (Dana Hansen/ Boston University News Service)

By Shep Hayes and Laura Grant
Boston University News Service

Steve Aylward held a sign that read “To Re-Energize our MA Republican Party” on a six-foot wooden post this afternoon, trying to attract votes for himself in front of the Boston Public Library.

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Residents offer their take on Belmont resident and presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (Jackson Tobin/BU News Service)

      1. Jackson Tobin--Mitt Romney's Belmont

WTBU Reporter Keesa McKoy speaks to voters outside the polling place at Miles Standish Hall in Boston. (Keesa McKoy/WTBU)

      2. Mass Votes Keesa 1

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